Equine Pain-Away Topical Gel

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Pain-Away Liniment, All-Natural Chronic Pain Reliever for Horses, Relieves Pain from Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, and Chronic Joint Pain, Homeopathic, Hypoallergenic, Opioid-, and NSAID-Free

About this item

  • EQUESTRIAN PAIN RELIEF: Designed to help with moderate or chronic horse joint and muscle pain.
  • HORSE HEALTH: Apply this natural topical gel to joints without the need for gloves or a wrap.
  • SAFE & HEALTHY: Made from peptides found in cobra venom, it’s non-narcotic and opioid-free.
  • EQUINE SUPPORT: This formula is effective for arthritis and joint pain as well as muscle aches.
  • ACTIVE JOINT SUPPLEMENT: Help your horse jump, run, and perform without feeling drowsy or sluggish.



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Designed to deliver powerful pain relief for horses with joint, muscle, and chronic pain issues, Equine Pain-Away is a safe and natural topical gel that can be applied directly to the problem area without the need for a wrap, injection, gloves, or complicated application. It's easy to care for your horse with this healthy and safe topical gel. Simply rub Pain-Away directly on the affected area of your horse 1–2 times daily. You don't have to wear a glove to apply Pain-Away. This gel is non-narcotic, opioid-free, and safe for use with all horses. Made from natural pain-relieving peptides found in cobra venom, this topical gel is a powerful pain reliever that won't cause harmful reactions or dependency. Help your horse maintain their active lifestyle without making them feel tired, drowsy, sluggish, or drugged. Other horse pain relievers can be harmful to the horse's overall health. This formula can help to relieve pain from a wide variety of issues—arthritis, joint pain, muscle aches, chronic pain, and more. We know that you care about your horses, which is why we designed this formula to provide powerful and effective relief without the harmful side effects that come from other horse pain relievers. This non-narcotic, opioid-free, all-natural pain-relieving gel is a great choice for jockeys, stable owners, and equestrians of all kinds. Equine Pain-Away provides a powerful, effective, safe, and natural way to relieve joint pain, muscle aches, and arthritis issues for your horse. Help your horse live an active lifestyle again with Equine Pain-Away.


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